Angus Gill

Angus Gill - Wingham Akoostik Festival
At 20 years of age, the authenticity of Australian singer-songwriter Angus Gill’s distinctive vocals and sharp observations that bind his songs, are quite possibly evidence that he may have been on this planet before.

As somewhat of a veteran in the songwriting and performance stakes, the Wauchope-based entertainer’s infectious, yet thought-provoking songs, warm stage presence and trademark brand of humour is delighting audiences and festival goers, while an array of respected musical identities are also singing his praises.

Amoung them is Guy Sebastian, who recently tweeted, “Forget Duncan, I wanna have a beer with Angus.”

Gill’s debut album Nomad, has rapidly begun to cement him in the hearts and minds of Australian music fans, spending several weeks on the ARIA Charts, Australia’s equivalent to the Billboard charts. This is an album that contains an overarching theme of journeys, making it the perfect roadtrip companion.

Not only has he co-written all the songs with the cream of the crop of the Australian music scene, including Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, Luke O’Shea and Kevin Bennett, Gill has also produced and mixed all 13 tracks on this debut album.