Lara Jane Songbird

Lara-Jane Songbird - Wingham Akoostik Festival
I’m Lara-Jane, a nature-loving creative soul, based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Along with singing, songwriting and recording, I’m also a mother, intuitive visual artist and creative writer.

I’ve been immersed in the creative and performing arts since childhood, but also trained formally in counselling, bodywork and energetic healing over the years, following my parallel calling toward the healing arts.

I love creating and communicating; I love being held in loving space as I express and discover more of myself and my wild spirit; and I love holding space for others in the same way as they explore, access and express greater depths of their divine creativity, authentic essence and soul medicine.

I have a deep fascination with subjects such as spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, theology, biology, holistic health, quantum physics and more. Which, for me, translates into: “the art of holistic wellbeing, spiritual freedom and living fully alive”.