The Southern Hold

The Southern Hold Wingham Akoostik

The Southern Hold has been a work in progress for many years, even though both Lee Murray and Greg Nix didn’t know it at the time. The two have been crossing paths musically for nearly 20 years, in separate punk, rock and metal bands throughout the late 90’s and early 00’s. It wasn’t until 2009 that the two lefty guitarists finally collaborated with the prog-metal/rock band “Such is Life” where they discovered their song-writing chemistry.
Greg: “That band was a really great experience, it all happened during a personally rough time in all our lives, and the creative process helped us get through. It also became clear that Lee and I worked really well as a song-writing team.”
Fast forward a few years and the two again found themselves in separate bands, Lee fronting the long running “Mum Says Rock” and Greg forming “Red Light Special” both popular bands on the Mid North Coast cover band scene. However, the need to write and perform original songs continued to call them. Once again, the two collaborated, this time picking up their acoustic guitars. The Southern Hold came to life. The songs poured out like they had been there waiting all along. The vocal harmonies fell into place effortlessly, the guitar interplay seamless, and even though their sound had mellowed their passion for creating great music was as strong as ever.
Lee: “The first song we wrote was called “Conclusion Forgone”, It starts off with a very country-sounding acoustic riff and builds to a 90’s alternate rock ballad (Country Grunge?). One of the lines in the chorus is “No conclusion is forgone, don’t stop at where you start.” Its about not just blindly accepting things the way they have always been, its about pushing forward, mixing things up. That’s what The Southern Hold is all about.”
The Southern Hold are currently working on their debut E.P. to be released Sept 2019.