Where is the Camp ground?

Your camping site is on the showground so no need to drive, you will be right on site in the midst of  the festival atmosphere.

Where is Wingham Showground?

The Wingham Showground is west of the town Centre, on Gloucester Road.

Can I camp overnight?

YES, we will be providing camping on site at the Wingham Showground.  there is an additional fee for Camping on site which can be paid at the time of ticket purchase

Can I camp additional nights to the festival weekend?

Yes ! we would love to have you stay ! you can camp from the Wednesday night right through to the following Monday night if you wish. Sites will be available for booking very soon, keep updated on our facebook page.

Please observe the following

Camp only in designated areas. No Campfires allowed. Gas stoves are ok (unless in case of full fire ban). Your windscreen card must be displayed and be clearly visible at all times.
Porta potties and cassette toilets are only to be emptied into the DUMP points provided and NOT EMPTIED INTO THE TOILETS.

Generators should have a noise level not exceeding 68dB. Generators must not be run for more than two (2) consecutive hours and not more than four hours per day. Due to the layout of the grounds, those on powered sites may need long leads of one continuous length of up to 35 metres (leads cannot be joined) and must be compliant to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007 (Wiring Rules).

Keep your camp site clean and tidy and clean your campsite up when leaving the festival , be sure to leave your camp site how you found it.