The Akoostik Festival is a community event and presents a mix of music and artistic performance. The festival is now in its 15th year. Our aim is to provide an entertaining, safe and happy environment for all patrons, performers and the local community. Festival volunteers play a vital role in helping us to achieve this.

Festival volunteers are also afforded a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with new people, to share in the Festival excitement, and to give back to the local community in a rewarding way. It is important for you to know that the Festival would not exist without support from our dedicated volunteers. Thank you in advance for the contribution of time and energy that you are offering.

Volunteering for the Akoostik Festival provides many benefits including:
  • meeting new people and social interaction
  • an opportunity to be part of the Akoostik Festival team, and contribute to the ongoing development & success of this important community event
  • enjoying great music & engaging with the local community
The Akoostik Festival will:
  • provide each volunteer with a site induction & a safe and happy workplace
  • ensure volunteers have fun and meet people
  • provide insurance coverage for you whilst you are acting as an Akoostik Festival Volunteer
  • respect volunteers as valuable team members; welcome and value volunteer feedback
  • reserve the right to select volunteers and to assign duties as appropriate
In return we ask that volunteers:
  • are over the age of 18 years at the Festival
  • are reliable and arrive on time, & carry out allocated duties
  • work safely and adhere to the safety principles of the Festival, in particular wear appropriate clothing and footwear for allocated duties
  • work positively as part of the Akoostik festival team & ask for help if it is needed
  • must not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering or on the Festival site
  • must not verbally harass or abuse any person or use foul language
  • immediately notify the Volunteer Coordinator or Team Leader if unable to attend any shift
  • respect confidentiality
  • uphold the standards and values of the festival.
To become part of the Akoostik team of volunteers, we ask that you are available to work:
  • at least 4 hours (1 shift) on any one festival day to receive free festival entry on that day  OR
  • at least 4 hours for set up and/or pack down to receive one day free festival entry
  • at least 10 hours across the six festival days ( may include set up and pack down) to receive a 3DAY festival pass
  • an induction to the Akoostik Festival site is compulsory for all volunteers and will be provided at the Showground Office before your first shift.

To volunteer, you are required to read the attached documents, please click and view below

 2021 Volunteer role descriptions

2021 Volunteers info

 2021 WHS policy